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Offer sides protection to the rider when wheelchair is experiencing falling motion


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Wheelchair Airbag System Model MS2000.


Wheelchair Foam Airbag System

System Overview

Safety is always our number one priority in our everyday life in any part of the world. However, accidents may still occur at any moment causing injuries with potentially short and/or long-term consequences. The expense of recovery in these situations usually causes an economic and social impact to the patient, society and the healthcare system. Airbags provide additional layer of protection to the occupant. By implementing a reliable wheelchair safety device, we wish to become the world's first reusable foam airbag deployment system to provide peace of mind to all wheelchair occupants from falls and injuries. Our goal is to incorporate our system into all available wheelchairs and public transportation vehicles.

MobiSafe Systems has come up with an all-in-one solution to provide protection for the wheelchair occupant. The specific objectives include the mechanical design along with the integration of the electrical and software components to form a system that has never been present in the wheelchair market. Working with valued industry partners we wish to provide a safe product and peace of mind to every wheelchair occupant. With a firm mechatronic and business background we want to focus primarily on superior functionality and at the same time provide an acceptable level of desired appearance which will allow the system to seamlessly integrate into the wheelchair design.